Press Release: Statement Regarding International Monitors and Observers of the Presidential Election 2018.

13th September 2018, 12:00 Press Releases

Press Release

The Elections Commission of Maldives notes with concern the false allegations circulating in the media regarding international media coverage of the Presidential Elections, in a manner that may create concern and mistrust within the public and our international partners at such a crucial time for the country.

In order to allow for international monitoring of the elections in compliance with the Presidential Elections Act and Regulation, as well as international best practices and procedures, the Elections Commission announced the opportunity for Media Representatives to monitor the election and called for applications from interested media representatives between 26th June 2018 and 14th August 2018.  Whilst notifying that any foreign media representatives interested in traveling to the Maldives to cover the Elections should adhere to the relevant rules and procedures in place, including immigration guidelines, the Commission encouraged media representatives, on multiple instances, to submit the applications.

Following this announcement, the Commission received 37 applications within the given timeframe, out of which 11 were rejected due to insufficient documentation. Further, any applications submitted after the deadline was rejected accordingly. Hence, the Commission reaffirms its commitment to afford the opportunity to any international media personnel to take part in observing the elections as long as the necessary requirements have been met.

The Elections Commission reiterates that it will follow all required legal procedures to ensure that all eligible media representatives will be given the opportunity to cover the Presidential Election held on 23rd September 2018. Thus, the Commission calls upon all parties to refrain from spreading misinformation regarding the election processes which may create mistrust in the public and our international partners, and support the Commission in its commitment to hold free, fair, impartial, and transparent elections.

13th September 2018