Press Release

02nd October 2018, 12:00 Press Releases

Press Release

Maldives Presidential Election held on 23rd September 2018, in the presence of a record number of representatives of candidates, local and international Observers and monitors, was declared thus far to be the most free and fair credible, peaceful election held in Maldives. This was further endorsed by the candidates themselves, political parties as well as the international community.

Though the complaints lodged at Complaints Bureau have no effect on the outcome of the results, false allegations of “creating opportunities for vote rigging and massive voter fraud” have been made in media and other means against the Election Commission and its Chairman. In this regard, threatening calls and messages are constantly being targeted at Commissions Acting Secretary General and Commission staff. Regardless to these false allegations and threats, Elections Commission assures to the public that it will uphold and function within the boundaries of the constitutional Acts and Regulations.

The Commission strongly refutes the allegations and calls upon all parties to refrain from disseminating such false information and unsubstantiated allegations that could create concern within the general public, on the integrity of the Commission as well as the credibility of the Presidential Election.

2nd October 2018