Press Release: Statement by the Elections Commission of Maldives Regarding Elections Commission Employees

17th September 2018, 12:00 Press Releases

Press Release

The Commission strongly refutes these allegations and calls upon all parties to refrain from disseminating false information that would create concern within the public and international partners regarding the integrity of the Commission. Further, the Commission calls on all parties to report such employees with evidence, to the Commission so that the Commission may take appropriate action in accordance with applicable procedures. The Elections Commission of Maldives expresses its disappointment at false allegations made against the Commission in the media, alleging that the Commission’s employees are participating in campaign activities and that the Commission will not administer the upcoming Presidential Election fairly.

The Commission assures that its employees are impartial and not members of any political party. The Commission’s employees must follow the employee regulations, internal code of conduct and the conditions set forth in their employment contract, which explicitly prohibits employees from; taking part in campaign activities, being a member of a political party, and being active in a political party regardless of whether or not the employee is a member of the political party. Furthermore, the Commission assures that any employee who takes part in such activities would be dealt with in accordance with applicable regulations.

The Elections Commission assures that it will uphold all relevant rules, regulations and procedures to ensure that its employees are impartial at all times. The Commission calls upon all parties to report such employees to it with evidence and support its commitment to holding impartial, free, fair and transparent elections.

 17th September 2018