Press Release (08.09.2018)

08th September 2018, 12:00 Press Releases
Presidential Election 2018

Press Release

Elections Commission is perceiving that works executed by the Commission apropos to Presidential Election 2018 of Maldives is conveyed to the public in a unsubstantiated fabricated manner via media, social media and other platforms; generating an incompetent impression of the Commission amongst the public. Thus, the Commission would like to enlighten the public of the subsequent information.

The works related to Presidential Election 2018 is implemented in conformity to the Constitution of Maldives, Elections Acts and Regulations, guidelines stated by the Supreme Court of Maldives and according to the previous Elections held in Maldives.

With regard to the uncorroborated news disseminated concerning ballot counting, announcement of the ballot results and the polling process of Presidential Election 2018; the counting of ballots and the announcement of the results would be performed adhering to the General Elections Act and that of the previous elections. As such, the temporary results generated in the Polling Stations would be signed, announced and publicized in the Polling Stations referring to the clause 57, (b) of 11/2008 (General Elections Act).

The news dispersed in social media regarding Officials is baseless. Individuals that did not submit the application form, as well as individuals not interviewed for the designation of Officials were not appointed as Officials. Officials appointed were that of in accordance with the policies. Elections Commission has not received any complaints in a formal manner; of the accusation that Political Party campaign activists are occupied as Officials. In the lodgment of such a case, the Commission would investigate and prosecute the obligatory procedures.

Further, the unwarranted news disseminated stating that a voter cannot bring their own pen to cast their vote, and that effaceable pens would be issued in the polling booth, are deceitful information. The Commission would be issuing non-effaceable pens in the polling booth and it is highly recommended that individuals bring a pen to cast their ballot.

In response to the news stating more than 1 ballot box is sent to Polling Stations against compliance to the previous elections; for Presidential Election 2018, the public should be acquainted that this was enacted in the previous elections as well. Depending on the total number of voters to poll in a station, Polling stations with 600 and below number of voters would be sent 1 small ballot box; Polling Stations with number of voters in between 600 to 1000 would be sent 2 small ballot boxes; and Polling Stations with 1000 and above number of voters would be sent 1 large ballot box and 1 small ballot box akin to the previous elections.

The Commission extends its earnest advice to all the sources disseminating falsified information apropos to the works executed by Elections Commission for the Presidential Election 2018; to halt publicizing imprecise information. In case of misperceptions due to such news, correspond with Elections Commission directly and appraise the inquiries. Media’s should prioritize publicizing verified information from the Commission and halt dispersing falsified information regarding the elections. The Commission recommends the public to be attentive of the equivalent as well.

The Commission appreciates the cooperation established from the Public, Political Parties, Organizations and News Agencies in the works being implemented by the Commission to make Presidential Election 2018 a free, impartial and transparent election.

08 September 2018