The Elections Commissions is an independent government body established in 2008 to ensure that all elections in the Maldives adhere to democratic values enabling maximum public participation in an independent, just, transparent election process. Established by the new constitution on 7th August 2008, Elections Commission has played a major role in nurturing democratic environment and shaping the political scenario.

The commission consists of 5 members. Members were appointed for the interim period from 6th September 2008 to 23rd November 2009. The first permanent Elections Commission of Maldives was established in 24th November 2009.

Since it’s inception, the Elections Commission of Maldives has successfully carried out an independent, transparent, free and fair elections devoid of outside influences with multiple candidates with the 2008 Presidential Elections, the parliamentary elections of 2009 and the local council elections of 2011 which had the largest number of candidates taking part to date. The election processes were carried out according to the international standard accepted by the international community.

The main objectives of the Elections Commission is to develop resources that enable proper functioning of the Elections Commission and to improve overall performance of the Commission to better carry out it’s mandate.